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Category Archives: Keyword Research

Page 1 for “SEO” with search results of 191,000,000

Woohoo! Page 1 for the keyword "SEO" which has 191,000,000 competition search results! This is another good little milestone for our company, we…
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5 rank positions on page 1 of Google for one client!

We achieved 5 rank positions on page 1 of Google for one client for a high level keyword in their industry, with competition…
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Page 1, number 2 in the search results for IT Services with over 3 1/2 billion competition results!

We just achieved these results for a client, number 2 on page 1 for IT Services! theres 3,600,000,000 (thats billion!) other search results…
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New E-Commerce Website

Heres one of the latest websites to go live from us. Its an e-commerce site developed for a large company in South Auckland.…
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Why keywords and targeting groups of keywords is so important for website success

Targeting the right keywords and groups of keywords is a quintessential part of effective SEO. It's as simpe as that. Identifying and using…
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Why Keyword Research Is So Vital?

Keyword research is the difference between your website ranking on page 1 of Google or page 37. Which would you prefer? Keyword research…
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