Here’s 50 Reasons Why You Need A Website!

A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract and engage the user, as well as communicate your brand and raise awareness about a product or service.

1. It Gives You a World-Wide Presence

Even if you are a small business, a website gives you credibility and an immediate presence on the world stage.


2. The Internet Never Sleeps

If you have an online presence, you are available to the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and that’s empowering for both you and your customers.


3. Showcase Your Products

A website is a cost effective way to showcase your products, promote certain products and give your customers a place to browse without feeling pressurised.


4. Showcase Your Services

It is hard to showcase services in a store, or office The internet allows you to introduce your service and the professionals providing your service.


5. Reach More Customers

These days, when people are looking for something, they “just google it” Get googled and get found!


6. Get Higher Conversion Rates

Customers are more likely to commit to a purchase when browsing your website in their own time.


7. Increase Productivity

In todays automated and digitally streamlined atmosphere a website can effectively and efficiently generate orders and increase productivity.


8. Increase Sales

Customers browsing products on your website are more likely to make impulse purchases.


9. Brand Recognition and Brand Boosting

A website will reinforce and boost your brand, encouraging customer confidence and improving your corporate image.


10. Dynamic Online Brand Development

Increase awareness of your brand with integration on all online marketing platforms.

11. Promote Your Business

You can update details cost effectively and easily giving you a place to promote particular products, ideas and events and post press releases and articles.


12. Improve Customer Service

A website contact form encourages customer feedback, and promotes inexpensive, fast and effective customer-service.


13. Improve Direct Marketing

A website contact form also helps to generate an online list of e-mail addresses for direct marketing purposes.


14. Target Specific Customers

A cleverly crafted website, with search engine optimisation and targeted keywords and key phrases will enable you to target specific markets.


15. Test New Products and Services

You can use your existing site to promote new products, or you can use it to direct traffic to a satellite site that can be used to test and promote a new idea or product.


16. Communicate With Your Customers

Update your customers on your latest offers, products, promotions and events cost effectively and easily using blogs and feeds on your website.


17. Improve What You Communicate

Guide your clients and suppliers through a wealth of information communicated through cleverly written content, audio, and video.


18. Introduce The Faces Behind the Business

A website gives you a platform on which to introduce the people who make your business success.


19. Improve Business Partnerships

Business partnerships are key to success, and a website can improve symbiotic business relationships by promoting businesses partners with links directing traffic to their sites, and vice versa.


20. Successful Business Networking

Encourage new business partnerships and positive symbiotic business relationships through mutual referral and traffic re-direction.

21. Search Marketing

A well optimised website will get you notices by the search engines and increase your brand awareness.


22. Enquiry Marketing

Get found through enquiry marketing – people using the Internet to find quick answers to basic questions What are your opening hours? Do you offer payment plans? What is your phone number or email address?.


23. Satellite Marketing

A well managed website can become the main hub of your business and the platform from which you can launch other online marketing strategies and satellite websites.


24. Save Time

Save time and money by effectively covering ground with a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your website.


25. Boost Exposure

Make your website a fun place to be and encourage visitors to browse through the pages, boosting the exposure of all your products, not just the ones they were specifically looking for.


26. Reach a Wider Audience

Your website can be integrated with other online marketing platforms giving you more exposure and a wider audience.


27. Build Customer Loyalty

A well managed website gives your business credibility and builds trust and loyalty with your customers.


28. Improve Your Corporate Identity

A successfully managed website is an immediate indication of a successfully managed business.


29. Give Your Business a Personality

A dynamic and creatively designed website will give your business a personality.


30. Cost Effective Market Research

With easy to use reporting systems, your website allows you to monitor and measure market activity.

31. Compete with Big Names Successfully

Having a website gives small businesses credibility and able to compete with the more established names.


32. Stay Ahead of the Competition

With a clever marketing plan and an identified point of difference, your website can keep you ahead of the competition.


33. Integrate Supply Chains

By offering your clients online ordering you are able to integrate whole supply processes.


34. Build An Appetite for Your Business or Product

Build the buzz and anticipation for a new product with pre-launch campaigns and teasers on your website, cost effectively and easily.


35. Stay Relevant

A dynamically designed website keeps you relevant and current, keeping you on top of the competition


36. Showcase Your Achievements

A website gives you a platform on which to showcase your business successes.


37. Attract New Business

Your website can attract new business using a whole host of low cost online marketing techniques.


38. Cost Effective Video Marketing

Reach your audience with the power of video marketing, easily and cost effectively.


39. Customer Feedback Marketing

Satisfied customers are your best advertising tool ever! Use your website to showcase testimonials, encourage feedback and encourage guest blogging.


40. Encourage Customer Engagement

By encouraging customer engagement on your website, you empower the customer and build trust and loyalty.

41. Access Mobile Marketing

Get found on any device anywhere, anytime with responsive web design web site.


42. Keep Business Goals on Target

Keep track of your business activity with easy reporting systems that will illustrate changing trends and highlight areas that need change.


43. Generate Leads

Generate superior leads with strategic website and online marketing solutions.


44. Establish Authority and Give Your Business a Voice

Your website brings your voice to the world, giving you credibility and the ability to establish an authoritative stand point.


45. Build Community Interest

Use your website to promote community activity and build community interest.


46. Get Higher Conversion Rates

Customers are more likely to commit to a purchase when browsing your website in their own time.


47. Save Time, Save Money, Stay Ahead

A website is the simplest and most cost effective way to market your business online.


48. Because Your Competition Has a Website


49. Because it’s Expected


50. Because it’s Time!