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Do you know there are more than 200 factors within the Google algorithm that your website needs to have done well before you can expect good rank results?

We use data analytics, SEO strategies and a whole lot of knowledge built up over many years in this industry to help your website adhere to these algorithmic rules to start gaining quality traffic and higher rank positions that will result in a greater number of paying customers.


Here's exactly what we do for you in the SEOPro Ranking System..

Effective Web Development Solutions

Step 1: We begin by first developing a custom plan for your website

When you sign up with us, we begin by thoroughly analysing your entire website top to bottom to gain insights into your online footprint - your current traffic, your rankings, the time an average visitor spends on it, who your biggest competitors are, and more.


We also check your keywords and run a keyword research to determine high converting keywords and keyword phrases that we will track through our process. Our team of SEO experts will then map out an effective plan tailored to the needs of your website. But we don’t stop there, each and every month we are tweaking and fine-tuning to get you the best results possible.

Step 2: On-Page SEO - We want Google to like your website more than your competitors

Every good thing in the world can still be improved upon, and websites are no different. We will give you a line-by-line, easy-to-understand audit that you can use to make improvements in the areas that are affecting your website, it takes the guess-work out of what to do and saves a lot of time! You can send that list straight to your website designer, or we can perform these changes for you ourselves.


We also do a keyword research for your website. For the uninitiated, “Keywords are SEO”, they’re the words that matter and what your potential customers are typing into their search engines. You need to make sure these words are used in the pages of your website. Your content needs to reflect exactly what you do so users get what they want when they land on the site and Google knows where to place you in their index to find those high quality end users that will turn into customers.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Step 3: Lets build backlinks, backlinks, backlinks!

Imagine that you were in a room that’s filled with thousands of people, and every single person in that room was pointing right back at you.


That's essentially what link-building is - it's getting a lot of other websites pointing to you and saying positive things about your brand, we handle that side of your site as well. We match your site pages with respected websites that are related to your business that you absolutely need to be listed on if you wish to succeed. We contact 100 of these each month in an attempt to earn a high-quality backlink for your site.


Again, quality is key, we don't just focus on big numbers but instead on authority and quality, each single approval is a powerful backlink that can significantly increase your website traffic as well as boost your rankings so we hand-pick the best backlink opportunities that come our way.

Step 4: Protect and Report

Our reports are highly detailed and yet very simple to understand - perfect for people who are just beginners in the SEO game. You'll clearly see what work we’re doing for you and where your rankings are headed - up or down. Every month, your dashboard will be updated showing progress, which describe in detail where you stand against your competitors.


Once you achieve your goal of impressive traffic and better sales and rankings, we’ll transition to a stage of maintaining your results. Most clients reach their potential in 12 months, but others take a lot more time, depending on factors like how many competitors they have or how large their market is. If you decide at any time that you don’t need our service, you can always contact us to discuss this and whether there are other options available to you to get your site to where you want it to be.

Effective Web Development Solutions

SEOPro NZ does all of this work behind the scenes while you continue to run your business. There is no software to download or install on your site, and we simply load your entire site into our system. Also, when you need extra assistance, you can contact us and our team will provide you with the best customer service we have to offer.


If you signed up with us 12 months ago, your business would probably be No.1 in search engine results today. So where do you want your business to be 12 months from now?

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Frequently asked questions about the SEOPro Ranking System

Who are you, and what can you do for my business?

SEOPro NZ is a team of SEO professionals who specialise in all things SEO. If your website has been struggling to gain traction for a while or if you’re not getting enough clicks, we can help optimise your page or website for increased traffic, better rankings in search engines, and a better website design so that visitors are retained.

For an in-depth, detailed coverage of the full range of the services that we provide, please visit our SEOPro Ranking System page.

Can the methods that we use help everyone?
We can help almost everyone, as long as the product or service that your business is offering is sound and has inherent value; this is obvious information though. We can certainly help your brand get more visibility, but the success of your brand relies on you as well, it takes hard work on both our parts, us - online, you - offline.
Who will our ranking system work for?
Any business that is offering a product or service is good game for us, if you do not sell a good product or service then this will not work for you.
Who will our ranking system not work for?
If you’re looking for short term results, we can’t guarantee that. We develop long-term SEO strategies that will need around 12 months to really start showing their effectiveness, and this is absolutely crucial to us. Also, as we’ve said above, websites should sell a product or service.
When will I see results?

You will see ranking progress on a monthly basis which is good news but you do need to spend at least 12 months with us to get the results we want you to achieve. Think of SEO like physical fitness, the person who is consistent over the long term sees better results than the person who puts in an effort for a few days or weeks.

After 12 months of engagement, 94% of our clients have reported great results after we’ve implemented our SEO strategy, and we’re striving to push that number higher.

What kind of results can I expect?

Expect continuous and reliable ranking improvements every month. But they’ll be gradual; nothing too flashy will happen all of a sudden. Since every business is unique, businesses and people will see results and progress differently, and some businesses might take longer to achieve the results than other businesses have achieved in a shorter time.

The increases in traffic won’t be overnight, but you can definitely expect incremental, reliable growth. Some of our clients come when they already have a great website and just need an extra push, while there are others who don’t have much traffic yet, there’s a difference in the time it takes for them to ramp up their numbers. Stay with us for 12 months and you’ll notice definite, and continuous improvement.

What kind of websites do you promote?

We promote any website as long as it is legal. We prefer to work with websites who promote services or products. Things will take longer with sites that do not sell a service or product.

  • 67% of our clients’ website is used to offer services.
  • 28% of our clients’ website is used to offer products.
  • 5% of our clients offer entertainment or information for free.
Can we help a failing business?

If there’s inherent value in your company, then definitely yes. But our best results have come from people who are just starting out. If you’ve already been in business for many years and your profits are going down, we might not be able to affect things much.

We have helped many failing businesses, but really, this isn’t something we push for. We like to work with fairly new, small, medium or large businesses that can stay with us for a duration of at least 12 months. We cannot help an established firm on the brink of bankruptcy that expects us to turn it around within 1 month.

Would it affect your work if I have other advertising / SEO with another company?

Not really. SEO is just one part of running a successful business website. If you have a good business to start with, then our efforts will definitely ramp up your numbers. Our SEO strategies will help you rank No.1 in search engine results, which would lower all of your other advertising costs.

Other forms of traffic-bringing facets of running a website include paid advertising (Facebook, Adwords, Instagram etc). We improve upon everything that you’re currently working on and we will make sure that our work does not conflict with your other advertising options.

What will I be paying for specifically?

We specialise in offering full-fledged optimisation packages to our clients - meaning that we handle everything and anything on your website as long as it’s SEO-related. You only need to sign up with us, and we will then cover hundreds of SEO-related tasks that go into making the best, optimised website for your business. We will boost your search engine rankings so that your page ranks for your keywords and you gain quality traffic, many of whom might even be your potential customers.

Advice: Our team of professionals will answer all of your search engine/website related questions. We can help you rank No. 1, which will obviously translate to more traffic and higher revenues for your business. We can help you with website design points which increase the odds of converting visitors into paying customers.

We use data analytics reports from major data providers to give you highly actionable advice and SEO strategies. Google publishes many pages of guidelines for SEO, and we help you make sense of it all and curate the best strategies using these insights. 99% of our clients have said that this alone is worth our monthly fee!

Website Audit Reports: You can run as many website audit reports as you wish for your business, each of which would show you exactly what you need to do with your website in an easy-to-understand line-by-line format.

We take all the elements of guesswork from your business and replace them with concrete insights that can outrank your business competitors. What’s more, we can even audit your competitors! (Will cost extra) Our feedback survey finds that about 97% of our clients feel that this alone is worth our monthly fee.

Keyword Ideas: Our keyword ideas tool tells you what words your potential customers are typing into their search engines. If you still find that you’ve run out of ideas, you can contact us, and we will carry out full keyword research and analysis and send you back a detailed report. This will clearly tell you which keywords are the best for you to have on your website. 98% of our clients say that this service alone is worth our monthly fee.

Keyword Tracking and Promotion: We track all the keywords appearing on your site and promote all those appearing on your website too. We also track up to 10 of the most important phrases across any country-specific Google engine and see where you rank and where your rankings are currently trending. 95% of our clients say that this service alone is worth our monthly fee.

Link Building / Backlinks: We work actively behind the scenes to help your website get backlinks. We reach out to 100 websites every month on your behalf - this should yield about 1 to 10 really good backlinks a month. If we ever create a backlink that you do not like, you’re free to tell us and we’ll have it taken down within 48 hours.

The better your website design is, the better your backlinks will be. We always aim for quality over quantity. If your website doesn’t have a good design, you might not get any backlinks. If the design is good, you’ll typically get a higher number of backlinks. Our feedback survey finds that about 91% of our clients say that this service alone is worth our monthly fee.

Intelligence SEO System: Our Intelligence SEO System bridges the gap between search engines and the website by intelligently and incrementally automating the hundreds of daily tasks to bump you up in search result rankings.

You can opt for the specific keywords you want to target, what hashtags you want to follow, the geographical area you want the optimisation for, and much more. Our Intelligence SEO System works 24/7, round the clock. Our feedback survey finds that about 99% of our clients say that this service alone is worth our monthly fee.

The end result of our work will mean top search engine rankings for keywords that actually matter to your business, more website visitors who are searching for what your business offers, and a higher number of new paying customers.

I am currently living in another country, would you still be able to help me?
Yes! We service all countries and any website as long as it is legal.
My website language is not English, can you help?

As long as the client speaks English, we can help them; we offer services to websites in any language and in any country. However, our staff at the moment only provide customer service in English, and your reports dashboard details are only displayed in English too. This means that when you contact our staff, we can communicate to you and offer advice and strategies in English only.

So if you cannot speak and understand English very well, it might place limits on our service quality to you. We rank lots of non-English websites No.1, but we can only communicate with you in English, so please keep this in mind if this is a problem for you.

Can I pay you extra money over-and-above my monthly service fee to make my website better and make my business look amazing in search results?

Definitely yes. We can completely overhaul your website, make it look appealing, and have it convert visitors into paying customers.

We can set up your business’ social media profiles and regularly monitor them to ensure that you own every single top spot on page 1, 2 and 3 of Google search results for your brand’s name and the chosen top keywords. We can also rewrite your content for you, maintain your website, and manage your blogs and your existing pages - we are a full service digital agency, we can do anything and everything your website needs to gain rank positions.

How can I pay?

In New Zealand, we prefer to set up an auto payment method that allows the monthly fees to be paid directly into our bank account. We also accept payments through PayPal for international clients where you can use all major credit cards.

You will automatically be charged each month until you cancel. We guarantee that all your transactions are 100% secure.

Can I cancel anytime?
You can cancel anytime for any possible reason - no questions asked; just contact us and let us know at least a month in advance so we can make sure the transition from the service does not affect anything. But we also reserve the right to cancel your account anytime if we feel that we cannot help you move up any further than you already have, or if we find your business extremely difficult to work with.
What kind of customer service can I expect from SEOPro NZ?

You can view your reports 24/7, these are updated monthly. You can email us or schedule a live chat or even call us. In unique situations, you can also schedule a face-to-face meeting in person (Auckland area).

Our Customer Service team is very friendly and you will definitely enjoy working with us, which we can assure you we will always endeavour to keep you very satisfied and happy to pass on the good word.

I have many websites, can SEOPro NZ help me with each one of them?
Some of our clients have scores of websites, and they choose to sign each website up with us. Our system will work for you regardless of whether you have one or a 100 websites. Each site is a completely different project and takes its own research.
Is your team well-qualified?
It’s a resounding yes! When you sign up with SEOPro, you agree to get help from a talented team of well-qualified professionals who take pride in what we do. We very much care about the success of your business.
Who really needs SEO anyway?
Any business’ website that isn’t currently ranking No.1 in search engine results pages needs to implement a good SEO strategy. Any website that isn’t getting the amount of traffic that it deserves needs a good SEO strategy. Any good business that hasn’t been able to convert current visitors into paying customers also needs a good SEO strategy.
Can you make my business rank No.1 in a single month?
We cannot do this. It has to be realised that every business wants to become No.1 and to get that spot takes time. Twelve months is the minimum duration of time for that growth, this is just a fact of good business. If you believe in get-rich-quick schemes, we may not be able to help you.
How many backlinks do you think I can generate in a year?

We won’t lie; Link Building takes time - a long time. The better your website, the more backlinks you will obtain. Our emphasis is always on quality over mere quantity. Some of our clients actually end up with 25 high-quality backlinks after working 1 year with us, while others end up with more than 500. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

You can also purchase additional backlink outreach from us if required, which would guarantee your website backlinks on some of the best sites on the Internet. Frankly, however, this is for companies that have thousands of dollars to spend. If you’re a small business, we recommend that you start with the low cost options first before moving onto the more expensive ones.

How much traffic do you think I can get?

There are several factors that go into determining how much traffic you will receive when you are No.1. When you reach page No.1, spot No.1 for a keyword or phrase, most people will click on your link simply because it’s the most visible.

The total amount of traffic each month depends on how many people are searching for what you have to offer. For instance, if 1,000 people per month are searching for what your website has to offer in search engines, then 1,000 is the maximum number of clicks that you could possibly get for that particular keyword/phrase each month. On the other hand, if only 50 people per month are searching for what you offer, then you could only get a maximum of 50 visits. On average being No1 on page 1 of Google gets around 30% of all traffic on the keyword result, i.e. if there are 1,000 searches per month for a keyword that you are No1 on page 1 for, you could expect to get 300 clicks per month.

We will ensure that you get the maximum traffic your website should be getting, regardless of whether that means 100 monthly visits or 100,000. Our focus and priority are on rankings, which leads to more traffic that can be converted into paying customers.

Are there extra items in the ranking system that are charged separately from the monthly payment?

Yes. We will be constantly analysing your website to make sure it can gain the best possible results for you. While doing this we will recommend extra items that we believe will help boost your website in rank positions for your keywords. These recommendations are charged separately and we will only go ahead with the addons if you approve for us to do so.

We will only recommend PREMIUM items that we know work, we will not just try to up-sell you a multitude of techniques to get you spending more money. Our system is designed for you to have PREMIUM SEO at a price that is affordable and great value. We appreciate your business very much and want you to stay with us for as long as you're in business.


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