SEOPro Ranking System

We are disrupting the industry with this

Do you know there are more than 200 factors within the Google algorithm that your website needs to have done well before you can expect good rank results?

We use data analytics, SEO strategies and a whole lot of knowledge built up over many years in this industry to help your website adhere to these algorithmic rules to start gaining quality traffic and higher rank positions that will result in a greater number of paying customers.

Here’s exactly what we do for you in the SEOPro Ranking System..

Your business and online website is unique, so it only makes sense to create a fully customised SEO game plan that not only matches your business, but also helps improve your Google rankings. The first step of our system is developing a winning game plan + SEO strategy that will get you higher rankings, more organic traffic and most of all – more leads and profits. In order to create this plan, we’ll look at every aspect of your website from your current rankings, stiffest competition, the most lucrative keywords, and so much more.

Once we’ve developed a winning game plan + SEO strategy, we’ll then go hard to work to make sure your website’s on-page SEO is done correctly and effectively using several of our technical audit tools on your site, and from that recommend any fixes that will be required to gain rank positions. Implementing any recommendations will not only help you move up the search engine rankings for the best keywords, but it’ll also set you apart from your closest competition. It’s also absolutely vital that your on-page SEO meets the necessary requirements that Google wants to see.

In order to really give your website that boost it needs to skyrocket up the search engine results in Google, you need to get the highest quality and top authority backlinks possible. This kind of backlink “juice” is what will give your website the authority it needs to rise in the ranks, get recognised by Google, and give you the targeted keyword traffic you need to get more leads and/or sales. Every month we will reach out and contact 100 of the most relevant websites to get you only the highest-quality backlinks possible.

Sure, it’s one thing to finally achieve top rankings in Google for the most lucrative keywords, but it’s also critical that you maintain your rankings as well. In the final step of our 4-step SEO Ranking System, we’ll generate highly detailed monthly reports that’ll give you a clear picture of your current standings in Google, while also making sure you maintain your top positions as well. This way you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our team is always working hard to keep you in the best search ranking positions possible.

SEOPro NZ does all of this work behind the scenes while you continue to run your business. There is no software to download or install on your site, and we simply load your entire site into our system. Also, when you need extra assistance, you can contact us and our team will provide you with the best customer service we have to offer.

If you signed up with us 12 months ago, your business would probably be No.1 in search engine results today. So where do you want your business to be 12 months from now?

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Who are you, and what can you do for my business?

SEOPro NZ is a team of SEO professionals who specialise in all things SEO. If your website has been struggling to gain traction for a while or if you’re not getting enough clicks, we can help optimise your page or website for increased traffic, better rankings in search engines, and a better website design so that visitors are retained.


For an in-depth, detailed coverage of the full range of the services that we provide, please visit our SEOPro Ranking System page.

Who will our ranking system work for?

Any business that is offering a product or service is good game for us, if you do not sell a good product or service then this will not work for you.

When will I see results?

You will see ranking progress on a monthly basis which is good news but you do need to spend at least 12 months with us to get the results we want you to achieve. Think of SEO like physical fitness, the person who is consistent over the long term sees better results than the person who puts in an effort for a few days or weeks.


After 12 months of engagement, 94% of our clients have reported great results after we’ve implemented our SEO strategy, and we’re striving to push that number higher.

What kind of websites do you promote?

We promote any website as long as it is legal. We prefer to work with websites who promote services or products. Things will take longer with sites that do not sell a service or product.


67% of our clients’ website is used to offer services.
28% of our clients’ website is used to offer products.
5% of our clients offer entertainment or information for free.

Would it affect your work if I have other advertising / SEO with another company?

Not really. SEO is just one part of running a successful business website. If you have a good business to start with, then our efforts will definitely ramp up your numbers. Our SEO strategies will help you rank No.1 in search engine results, which would lower all of your other advertising costs.


Other forms of traffic-bringing facets of running a website include paid advertising (Facebook, Adwords, Instagram etc). We improve upon everything that you’re currently working on and we will make sure that our work does not conflict with your other advertising options.

I am currently living in another country, would you still be able to help me?

Yes! We service all countries and any website as long as it is legal.

Can I pay you extra money over-and-above my monthly service fee to make my website better and make my business look amazing in search results?

Definitely yes. We can completely overhaul your website, make it look appealing, and have it convert visitors into paying customers.


We can set up your business’ social media profiles and regularly monitor them to ensure that you own every single top spot on page 1, 2 and 3 of Google search results for your brand’s name and the chosen top keywords. We can also rewrite your content for you, maintain your website, and manage your blogs and your existing pages – we are a full service digital agency, we can do anything and everything your website needs to gain rank positions.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel anytime for any possible reason – no questions asked; just contact us and let us know at least a month in advance so we can make sure the transition from the service does not affect anything. But we also reserve the right to cancel your account anytime if we feel that we cannot help you move up any further than you already have, or if we find your business extremely difficult to work with.

Is your team well-qualified?

It’s a resounding yes! When you sign up with SEOPro, you agree to get help from a talented team of well-qualified professionals who take pride in what we do. We very much care about the success of your business.

Who really needs SEO anyway?

Any business’ website that isn’t currently ranking No.1 in search engine results pages needs to implement a good SEO strategy. Any website that isn’t getting the amount of traffic that it deserves needs a good SEO strategy. Any good business that hasn’t been able to convert current visitors into paying customers also needs a good SEO strategy.

How many backlinks do you think I can generate in a year?

We won’t lie; Link Building takes time – a long time. The better your website, the more backlinks you will obtain. Our emphasis is always on quality over mere quantity. Some of our clients actually end up with 25 high-quality backlinks after working 1 year with us, while others end up with more than 500. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.


You can also purchase additional backlink outreach from us if required, which would guarantee your website backlinks on some of the best sites on the Internet. Frankly, however, this is for companies that have thousands of dollars to spend. If you’re a small business, we recommend that you start with the low cost options first before moving onto the more expensive ones.

Can the methods that we use help everyone?

We can help almost everyone, as long as the product or service that your business is offering is sound and has inherent value; this is obvious information though. We can certainly help your brand get more visibility, but the success of your brand relies on you as well, it takes hard work on both our parts, us – online, you – offline.

Who will our ranking system not work for?

If you’re looking for short term results, we can’t guarantee that. We develop long-term SEO strategies that will need around 12 months to really start showing their effectiveness, and this is absolutely crucial to us. Also, as we’ve said above, websites should sell a product or service.

What kind of results can I expect?

Expect continuous and reliable ranking improvements every month. But they’ll be gradual; nothing too flashy will happen all of a sudden. Since every business is unique, businesses and people will see results and progress differently, and some businesses might take longer to achieve the results than other businesses have achieved in a shorter time.


The increases in traffic won’t be overnight, but you can definitely expect incremental, reliable growth. Some of our clients come when they already have a great website and just need an extra push, while there are others who don’t have much traffic yet, there’s a difference in the time it takes for them to ramp up their numbers. Stay with us for 12 months and you’ll notice definite, and continuous improvement.

Can we help a failing business?

If there’s inherent value in your company, then definitely yes. But our best results have come from people who are just starting out. If you’ve already been in business for many years and your profits are going down, we might not be able to affect things much.


We have helped many failing businesses, but really, this isn’t something we push for. We like to work with fairly new, small, medium or large businesses that can stay with us for a duration of at least 12 months. We cannot help an established firm on the brink of bankruptcy that expects us to turn it around within 1 month.

What will I be paying for specifically?

We specialise in offering full-fledged optimisation packages to our clients – meaning that we handle everything and anything on your website as long as it’s SEO-related. You only need to sign up with us, and we will then cover hundreds of SEO-related tasks that go into making the best, optimised website for your business. We will boost your search engine rankings so that your page ranks for your keywords and you gain quality traffic, many of whom might even be your potential customers.


Advice: Our team of professionals will answer all of your search engine/website related questions. We can help you rank No. 1, which will obviously translate to more traffic and higher revenues for your business. We can help you with website design points which increase the odds of converting visitors into paying customers.


We use data analytics reports from major data providers to give you highly actionable advice and SEO strategies. Google publishes many pages of guidelines for SEO, and we help you make sense of it all and curate the best strategies using these insights.


Website Audit Reports: You can run as many website audit reports as you wish for your business, each of which would show you exactly what you need to do with your website in an easy-to-understand line-by-line format.


We take all the elements of guesswork from your business and replace them with concrete insights that can outrank your business competitors. What’s more, we can even audit your competitors! (Will cost extra)


Keyword Ideas: Our keyword ideas tool tells you what words your potential customers are typing into their search engines. If you still find that you’ve run out of ideas, you can contact us, and we will carry out full keyword research and analysis and send you back a detailed report. This will clearly tell you which keywords are the best for you to have on your website.


Keyword Tracking and Promotion: We track all the keywords appearing on your site and promote all those appearing on your website too. We also track up to 10 of the most important phrases across any country-specific Google engine and see where you rank and where your rankings are currently trending.


Link Building / Backlinks: We work actively behind the scenes to help your website get backlinks. We reach out to 100 websites every month on your behalf – this should yield about 1 to 10 really good backlinks a month. If we ever create a backlink that you do not like, you’re free to tell us and we’ll have it taken down within 48 hours.


The better your website design is, the better your backlinks will be. We always aim for quality over quantity. If your website doesn’t have a good design, you might not get any backlinks. If the design is good, you’ll typically get a higher number of backlinks.


You can opt for the specific keywords you want to target, what hashtags you want to follow, the geographical area you want the optimisation for, and much more. Our Intelligence SEO System works 24/7, round the clock.


The end result of our work will mean top search engine rankings for keywords that actually matter to your business, more website visitors who are searching for what your business offers, and a higher number of new paying customers.

My website language is not English, can you help?

As long as the client speaks English, we can help them; we offer services to websites in any language and in any country. However, our staff at the moment only provide customer service in English, and your reports dashboard details are only displayed in English too. This means that when you contact our staff, we can communicate to you and offer advice and strategies in English only.


So if you cannot speak and understand English very well, it might place limits on our service quality to you. We rank lots of non-English websites No.1, but we can only communicate with you in English, so please keep this in mind if this is a problem for you.

How can I pay?

In New Zealand, we prefer to set up an auto payment method that allows the monthly fees to be paid directly into our bank account. We also accept payments through PayPal for international clients where you can use all major credit cards.


You will automatically be charged each month until you cancel. We guarantee that all your transactions are 100% secure.

What kind of customer service can I expect from SEOPro NZ?

You can view your reports 24/7, these are updated monthly. You can email us or schedule a live chat or even call us. In unique situations, you can also schedule a face-to-face meeting in person (Auckland area).


Our Customer Service team is very friendly and you will definitely enjoy working with us, which we can assure you we will always endeavour to keep you very satisfied and happy to pass on the good word.

Can you make my business rank No.1 in a single month?

We cannot do this. It has to be realised that every business wants to become No.1 and to get that spot takes time. Twelve months is the minimum duration of time for that growth, this is just a fact of good business. If you believe in get-rich-quick schemes, we may not be able to help you.

I have many websites, can SEOPro NZ help me with each one of them?

Some of our clients have scores of websites, and they choose to sign each website up with us. Our system will work for you regardless of whether you have one or a 100 websites. Each site is a completely different project and takes its own research.

How much traffic do you think I can get?

There are several factors that go into determining how much traffic you will receive when you are No.1. When you reach page No.1, spot No.1 for a keyword or phrase, most people will click on your link simply because it’s the most visible.


The total amount of traffic each month depends on how many people are searching for what you have to offer. For instance, if 1,000 people per month are searching for what your website has to offer in search engines, then 1,000 is the maximum number of clicks that you could possibly get for that particular keyword/phrase each month. On the other hand, if only 50 people per month are searching for what you offer, then you could only get a maximum of 50 visits. On average being No1 on page 1 of Google gets around 30% of all traffic on the keyword result, i.e. if there are 1,000 searches per month for a keyword that you are No1 on page 1 for, you could expect to get 300 clicks per month.


We will ensure that you get the maximum traffic your website should be getting, regardless of whether that means 100 monthly visits or 100,000. Our focus and priority are on rankings, which leads to more traffic that can be converted into paying customers.

Are there extra items in the ranking system that are charged separately from the monthly payment?

Yes. We will be constantly analysing your website to make sure it can gain the best possible results for you. While doing this we will recommend extra items that we believe will help boost your website in rank positions for your keywords. These recommendations are charged separately and we will only go ahead with the addons if you approve for us to do so.


We will only recommend PREMIUM items that we know work, we will not just try to up-sell you a multitude of techniques to get you spending more money. Our system is designed for you to have PREMIUM SEO at a price that is affordable and great value. We appreciate your business very much and want you to stay with us for as long as you’re in business.

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Testimonials | See all testimonials

Thanks to the team at SEOPro NZ our website had an immediate 37% increase in business straight away!


You guys are great to deal with, everything I ask you to do is done quickly with no hassles, I like how you are always looking out for ways to make my website work better and make me more money. I pass your information on to people I know now and I always will because of the service that you have provided to me, above and beyond!



Doug Morris
Owner - Direct Pest Control

Before I found Dave from SeoPro I had had a website built by another company who promised all this stuff and didn’t deliver, I was skeptical of spending more money and having the same thing happen again, It was a big decision get another company to do the same thing only 9 months after the last one but I needed my website to work so I hired SeoPro. I very quickly found out that Dave and his team are very onto it, they did more than I was expecting and got me a new site up that worked, it also looks great too!


As soon as the new site went live I noticed a difference, I am now getting phone calls where before I wasn’t, I am getting people enquiring through my site where before I wasn’t. My site is on the first page of Google for words that we want where before we weren’t even on page 10.


Thank you so much Dave, I was really worried before but you stuck to your word and did everything you said you would, Id have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.

Raewyn Gallagher
Owner - Sort Divas

Dave was super patient with me as I had no clue how SEO worked before.. thankfully he talked me through in steps and made it super clear! Dave also did a great job with my Website! Highly recommended! 🙂

Katie Scott
Director - Sticks+Stones Design Ltd

We employed David at SEOPro to redesign our website. He came up with a number of innovative design options, listened to our feedback and has produced a website which is receiving very positive comments.

Richard Shores
Director - Global Pacific Capital Ltd

SEOPro NZ have been looking after our website for over three years now. In this time their service has been excellent! always doing alterations that we ask to be done straight away, most of the time while we are on the phone to them, you cant ask for better than that! I would fully recommend to anyone wanting a website to use SeoPro, they have always looked after us really well and from what I hear their other clients as well.


Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Annette Richards
Director - Senate Nursing

Dave has made me a website which looks amazing and I am now getting response from people searching the internet for my services.!!!.. I initially made my own website, it looked great but in 2 years nothing. Dave has made a website that is bringing in business, lesson get a professional, Get Dave at SEO he is the king at SEO and getting results.



Denise Boston

I have been working with SEOPro for several years now and am very satisfied with their consistently pleasant and efficient services.

Nathalie Brantsma
Director - iQuit Clutter Ltd

Thanks for all your help Dave; You’ve done a great job of our website update.

Carol Bennett
Director - Glass Lamination Systems

When I first met with Dave about developing my website the only thing I knew was what colours I wanted to use. Dave was easy to work with and didn’t burden me with over the top tech jargon, he listened to the way my clients would use the website and guided me in design process. Ongoing support from Dave means that I am able to continue to fine tune my website as my business progresses.

Stefanie Goder
Owner - Beyond Pilates

Dave and his team are excellent. Smart advice, great easy to read and understand documentation and fair pricing. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Louise Maxwell
Director - MAX Marketing Ltd

I run a Sports Massage Clinic in Ponsonby and Dave and his team at SEOPro NZ Ltd completely transformed our website and subsequently our business! They paid such close attention to detail and really got to understand our industry so they could put together the most comprehensive site we could imagine.


We have a steady stream of new enquiries and almost always new customers mention that they love our site, found it informative, creative and appealing enough to give us a call! What more could you ask for! I highly recommend SeoPro NZ for their creative insight, professionalism and friendly availability to answer any queries.


Thanks again team for a job exceptionally well done!

Hollie Sharplin
Owner - Rewind Massage

If you are serious about having a website that works, then these guys are the ones you need to have. David and the team at SEOPro have helped me become one of the most searched personal trainers in the Auckland area.


Their detailed work sets them apart from the usual slap stick web designers out there. From start to finish, David and his team worked with me every step of the way, and even better, once the hand over was complete, followed me up regularly to see how everything was going.


I highly recommend SeoPro NZ and they are definitely the guys to go to for website development.

Abe Dyer
Personal Trainer

Best company ever, absolutely amazing, totally recommend SEOPro NZ. Very happy with my website.


Thanks Dave

Kate Gardham
Owner - HOME & CO

Thanks to the guys at SEOPro for designing us a great looking website! Its exceeding all our expectations and we have noticed a definite up-turn in calls to the business and a higher tenancy rate.


Good work and thanks for the ongoing support.

Alister Hurring
Owner - Mt Wellington Motel

Prior to coming on board with SeoPro, we had a web site which was not performing and we had little or no traffic from prospective clients. Dave assisted with a new site, SEO optimisation, Social Media integration and blogging. We now are receiving constant traffic to our site from new customers and this in turn has increased sales.


I highly recommend Dave and his team at SeoPro as they give sound, expert advice when it comes to web presence.

Matthew Sharman
Owner - Revolution IT

Dave has recently revamped my original website into a vibrant and professional one which is already attracting new clients and enquiries. I don’t have time to waste on this area as it is foreign to me and Dave got stuck in, listened to my brief and put together a fantastic site which compliments my business.


Highly recommended.

Beth Spence
Owner - Fit You Personal Training

Dave and the team at SEOPro showed exceptional skill at understanding exactly what we wanted to achieve as a company and managed to express this in the design of our website. They were always available and extremely patient with our changes and requests.


Thanks for putting us on the map!

Hollie Sharplin
Office Manager - LPF Group

Dave built me a new website to replace one that wasn’t performing. He provides great advice, is incredibly knowledgeable, he’s really pleasant to deal with, he’s friendly and approachable, and nothing is ever a problem.

Carley Nicholson
Director - Vitality Unlimited Ltd

SEOPro has certainly exceeded my expectation regarding design, price and speed of delivery.


Dave at SEOPro gave me the same features, improved SEO and a responsive website for less than 1/3 of what I had spent on a website 1 year prior. He understands the needs without making it complicated. The customer experience was #1; quality & result driven with, customer focussed, easy to deal with, open to suggestions and a very good team behind them.


Thanks for going the extra mile, Dave. Much appreciated and, I am sure we can send some more work your way!

Rudy Kokx
Owner - Business Sales Hub

Dave at SEOPro was the first guy to really understand my needs and action them, with no fuss, on time and within budget. He was quick to make suggestions and get my website up and running and didn’t try to up-sell me to his ideas. I am so grateful he was recommended to me by another expert I respect!

Anthony Bozzard
Director - Pheasant Lodge

It was really important for us to have a modern, up to date user friendly website for our customers. Our old website was out dated and needed a new look, Dave from SeoPro was highly recommended to us. Our initial meeting was very informative and from there on the setup process was super easy with Dave’s in depth knowledge and experience.


We now have an amazing website, very modern and easy to use – but most importantly it drives new business our way.

Solomon Puka
Owner - West City Heating

We trust Dave at SEOPro to deliver on all he promises. We are happy with the results we have had with him and look forward to building our business with SEPPro in the future.

Reece Warren
Director - The Wine Auction Room

SEOPro NZ have been managing our website for over a year now. The results we received was increased web traffic to our site, increased phone calls which resulted in sales and a generally more professional look to our site. We have also started SEOPro’s social media campaign which has resulted in 7x more peak traffic.


I would recommend SeoPro NZ to any business owner that wants to increase sales via an Internet marketing strategy.

Darren Clayworth
Director - SOHO Systems

Many thanks to Dave and his team at SEOPro NZ for the excellent work done in putting together a new website for me. Very knowledgeable team, well priced package, great service, excellent result….. all make for a happy customer!

John Camilleri
Owner - EIPM

I was very happy with David’s help setting up and maintaining my business website. He was very professional and took time to explain important specifics. He did an awesome job of ensuring that it was tailored to my individual needs. He also took time to explain what it takes to take my website into the future.


A very knowledgeable guy. I would happily recommend him with no hesitation at all to anybody and everybody.


Dr C

Colin Woodbury
Owner - Kaipara Chiropractic

SEOPro has helped my online business immensely to grow from nothing to over 3000 clients in just 2 years. Who would have thought that one could use SEO to grow a business during a pandemic.


Thanks to the team at SEOPro, I have not only survived through tough economic times but have actually thrived and will continue to grow even bigger with the expertise of Dave Falloon and SEOPro. Very appreciative and grateful for everything they have done for my website and online business at

Dr. Rāpata Wiri
Founder of Reo Ora

Dave at SEOPro has really helped our company with his services. We started out with a website that was so out dated that it was embarrassing. He has given us a fresh new look and also offered us friendly advice with online marketing.


I am really appreciative of the great service received by SEOPro.

Jamee Zohs
Manager - To NZ Now

I was on the hunt for a website and needed it doing fast. I found SeoPro on Trade Me and I text Dave with my requirements. His response was immediate and we arranged to meet for a coffee to discuss my ideas and also to talk about budgets etc.


After our initial meeting I knew I wanted Dave and SEOPro to be the guys to design my website. The professional and friendly attitude shown by Dave was refreshing and I was happy to place my company website in his capable hands.


Dave also took into consideration my budget and designed a great site with my ideas and requirements in mind. SEOPro worked hard to have everything ready in a relatively short space of time, which I am extremely grateful for.

Thanks Dave and SEOPro NZ, fantastic job!

Adam Corlett
Owner - ACE Life

Thanks guys for getting the new site up and running, everything went nice and easy, we’re happy to have you guys on-board as our web partners. If asked I would fully recommend your services to anyone that wants the job done properly.

Darren Smith
Managing Director - Bassett Plumbing & Drainage Ltd

Many thanks for the fast and efficient service from Dave and the team at SEOPro NZ. You provided me with a total solution for what I required and you set up and ran everything really well. Since you re-built our website and have been doing our online marketing we have been on Googles page 1 for anything to do with go karts and go kart racing the whole time, we have been very impressed!


After quite a few years of dealing with SEOPro NZ I can honestly say I have had an extremely helpful and efficient service. Its hard to find good quality companies like yours that do what they say they’re going to and back it up with results time and time again. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who seriously wants to get their website working properly.


Thanks very much for all your hard work!

Colin George
Owner - Action Raceway

David and his team are at the top of their game and only concentrate on what will add immediate value to your business. If you are looking at ways to grow your business and are sick of broken promises, I highly recommend you contact SEOPro NZ Ltd. I did and have never looked back.

John Milner
Director - Collaborative Consulting Ltd

I met Dave through another Marketing company, at the time I was trying to kick start my website again after Covid Lockdown happened. I don’t know much about websites or online to be honest.


So I looked for someone that had the same approach to business and the same values about their business. I liked Dave because like me he is trying to build something different to other competitors, we had the same passion for our businesses and that was the key for me choosing another online business to assist me. I found his knowledge and feedback on how to build my business presence easy to understand and the website we got was far better then what we had before, he also fixed issues we had with our old website where we were getting no traffic at all.


So this has now begun a relationship where I am hoping over the next year will benefit our business.

Wiremu Gray
Director - Evolution Scaffolding Ltd

Hayden’s Landscapes has used SEOPro to create a new website which is working well and a lot of people comment on it saying how professional it is. SEOPro has also helped us with marketing using Domain names to get to our potential clients. This year alone has brought in 4 new clients which has turned into 4 months work.


I believe the service that Dave and SEOPro has provided is to a high standard and would recommend to any business owner who wants to grow their business.

Hayden Dodds
Owner - Hayden's Landscapes

I just wanted to send a note to say that I am very impressed by the excellent service that you have provided to us.


The few times I have requested support from SeoPro NZ it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.

Murray Wansbone
Director - Best Western Ellerslie International

SEOPro is a great company to work with, having used them for a lot more than just building several different company websites. They handle all of our search engine optimisation and are very results focused. I would highly recommend SEOPro to anyone looking at building a new website, or getting the most out of SEO.

Simon Rollo

Dave has been very professional to deal with in relation to building my website to reflect the culture and nature of my business. I look forward to building a continued relationship with SEOPro to meeting the changing needs of my company and to maintain its growth.


Kind Regards

Sharyn Makoni
Owner - The Procurement Group

We have worked with Dave on a few projects now and to say we are happy is an understatement! It’s a bit cliche but Dave simply goes the extra mile to ensure each project runs smoothly, on time and offers advice to get the best possible outcome for us. He sets clear expectations, this means no surprises.


We continue to use SEOPro’s service and would not hesitate to refer and recommend Dave and his team to friends, family and our business network.

Anthony Simons
Owner - Brandstorm

SEOPro have been involved in three websites for our businesses. David has been great to work with and clearly understands his craft. The SEO works well and we we get fantastic quality leads. Websites provide us with consistently profitable leads and give us a significant competitive advantage.


I would be happy to speak with anyone to discuss the work David has done for us.

Arjen Bloem
Owner - PBF

Dave from SEOPro NZ was recommended to us when we decided to update our website. In our initial meeting Dave listened to all our ideas and aspects of our website that we wanted to change. He advised us on ways that it could be improved, to help increase our traffic and how to keep the costs down which being a non-profit organisation is very important. The sample page that Dave presented to us was so close to being exactly what we wanted that it only needed a few tweaks before we went live.


Dave continues to support us and if we have any problems or questions he is quick to respond.


SEOPro NZ are very professional and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Tracey Curran
Office Manager - Koru Care

SEOPro have done a great job in developing my website from scratch. They approached the project in a very professional manner, and have maintained a real focus in ensuring the website is developed in accordance with my requirements. They are creative, knowledgeable and skilled in what they do.


It has been a pleasure dealing with Dave and his team and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mike Redman
Business Broker

I contacted Dave at SEOPro to work on a website. I found that Dave was very efficient and had lots of great ideas. I would not hesitate using Dave at SEOPro for any editing or website designs. My new website has brought me great feedback and business.


Thanks Dave.

Ewen Harnett
Owner - Care Co

Hey Dave


Thanks for the work on our website/s over the last couple of years.


As you are aware we have always measured where our new clients have come from and for the last 10 years the bulk of new clients have been recommended to us. The number that found us from a google search increased dramatically shortly after you redesigned our sites but the numbers kept growing each month since… to the point that the leads from the web were starting to match those from recommendations. The sites not only helped generate business over the last few years but have proven to be an asset in the recent sale of the business… the purchasers have a similar business and they spend a lot each month and don’t get anywhere near the leads we do from your great sites.


Thanks again Dave

Steve Hopkins
Owner - JACK of All Trades

I’ve worked with Dave for a few year’s now and he has worked hard in getting our website to where it is now. He certainly knows his stuff and we’ve seen much improvement with the seo work he has done. I especially like the personal element he offers, I deal with Dave for all my website or online requirements so I’m only dealing with one person.


I would certainly recommend SEOPro NZ if you are looking for services they offer.

Patrick Schuster
Owner - Schupepe Tents

Dave project managed our new website and we love the overall look. The feedback about the website we have received from our families and the public has been really positive. Our previous site had become outdated and was hard to follow. During the time of the redesign, Dave was committed to complete the project in a timely manner, he was extremely professional and easy to work with throughout.


He has generously supported our charity by continuing to make changes to our website as required on a pro-bono basis. Thank you Dave for supporting Kidney Kids!

Jo Morgan
Fundraising Manager – Kidney Kids

Dave helped us redesign our website from an older version to something much more modern. He provided good advice on what worked and what didn’t and was receptive to our ideas and requirements.


He continues to help with our SEO requirements and helps maintain the website, ensuring its kept in tip-top condition. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave for similar work.

Derek Bilby
CEO - BBR Contech

I hadn’t even heard of google places listings until I had spoken to Danielle from SEOPro NZ, and I must admit I was skeptical about being sold advertising over the phone. However, I have seen the results and I must say thank you to you guys for helping me, the fee was worth it, I had my first client from the listing in one day and had made the money to pay for your work before I had even received your invoice.


It’s refreshing to see someone backing up what they are saying with results.

Dave White
Director - Fence Works

Dave at SEOPro has been awesome to work with. Very knowledgeable and understood exactly how we wanted our website to look and function – even when our brief was as clear as mud! We are very happy with the result!

Cheree Lewis Director
Mainsail Electronics

Dave at SEOPro was the easiest person that I’ve ever dealt with when communicating about what I wanted in a website and in turn telling me how it was going to happen in non IT understandable descriptions. He delivered everything within the suggested timeframes, took the time to go over everything and has successfully moved my whole business forward into the digital age. I look forward to working with Dave again on any future projects.

Ian Hartley
Director - Portable X-Ray Services Ltd
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