Evolution Scaffolding

Evolution Scaffolding is a family owned scaffolding business based on the North Shore of Auckland.


SEOPro was contacted to help them create a better online presence than they currently had. They were getting no enquiries or leads from a fairly new website that had just been built for them within the last year or so. They wanted to change that and get business from their website.


The challenge was to remedy an online footprint that had been butchered by previous website companies who had promised them everything and delivered them very little. They were wary of spending more money thinking they could easily get the same result as last time which was fair enough, but they also new that what they had just wasn’t going to work and so they put their trust in SEOPro NZ.


We created a much better website than he had, and concentrated on SEO and conversions from it. The site was designed to suit the industry and have simple navigation and easy to read content about the services they supply. We made the site “image heavy” to highlight the types of jobs they do so its easy for new leads to see what they will be getting.


We also optimised their Google My Business listing and setup some cheap and effective seo techniques for them to do which they have. We created an Adwords campaign as well to have a presence in paid advertising on targeted keywords.


Their whole online footprint has been recreated properly and is now paying off. Their website looks awesome and works really well for them bringing in consistent enquiries now. The techniques they have been given to use are also driving a lot of good quality traffic into the site at no cost for them.


They have now set themselves up to have a good continuous flow of leads coming through their website which is converting into paying clients. The investment they have made on the new site has already paid itself back and they are into profit now.

Average 55% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

82% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

57% vs 43% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

89% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“I met Dave through another Marketing company, at the time I was trying to kick start my website again after Covid Lockdown happened. I don’t know much about websites or online to be honest. So I looked for someone that had the same approach to business and the same values about their business. I liked Dave because like me he is trying to build something different to other competitors, we had the same passion for our businesses and that was the key for me choosing another online business to assist me.


I found his knowledge and feedback on how to build my business presence easy to understand and the website we got was far better then what we had before, he also fixed issues we had with our old website where we were getting no traffic at all. So this has now begun a relationship where I am hoping over the next year will benefit our business.


Wiremu Gray
Evolution Scaffolding

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