Collaborative Consulting

Collaborative Consulting Ltd is a financial advice and planning company based in Auckland, NZ. SEOPro was tasked with gaining CCL a strong online footprint that is very targeted for search rank positions while being very end user friendly to achieve more conversions through their website.


The challenge was to first design and create a website that was “convertible”. The previous site, although not very old had been created in a way to be very user “un-friendly” and was obviously having a negative impact on the business.


We decided to start fresh with a complete new design that matched the style and industry CCL were aiming at online. While building the site we would rename pages and create more content to show end users and the search engines what the site was actually about and wanting to rank for.


We came up with a stylish design for the site, developed it while at the same time creating new content and setting up the on-page SEO which included targeting the main keywords financial services and financial advice.


We set the website up into the new SEOPro ranking system once we had the new site live so we can easily monitor progress, run continuous updates each month and execute 100’s of daily tasks to make the site very relevant and “Rank-able” in Googles eyes.


The site got its first major enquiry within a week of taking it live. This is after getting no enquiries the previous year at all. We have increased the visibility of the site across many different keywords and keyword phrases that are much more highly targeted and as a result qualified traffic is coming into it that are much more inclined to convert into paying clients of CCL.


The cost for boosting this qualified traffic is approximately 90% cheaper than what was being paid to the previous company running an seo campaign for them.

Average 67% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

87% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

91% vs 9% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

79% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“David and his team are at the top of their game and only concentrate on what will add immediate value to your business.


If you are looking at ways to grow your business and are sick of broken promises, I highly recommend you contact SEOPro NZ Ltd. I did and have never looked back.


John Milner
Collaborative Consulting

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