What is real value to a client?

What is real value to a client?

Most businesses wouldn’t have a clue when it comes to advertising their business online, even though the internet has been around for quite some time now. People still have the mindset that they are just going to get scammed straight away and that whatever it is you are offering them there must be some cunning plan that you have to try and extract as much money out of them in the quickest possible time you can. True from what I have heard in the past, that was the case in many instances but today word spreads so fast that any good reputable company knows you’ll only be around for the very short term if thats part of your business plan. So how do you get across to businesses that are obviously in need of what you do and who you know are potentially missing out on good profits each year by not listening to you? sure they all get bombarded with telemarketers all the time and thats probably got a lot to do with them not being so responsive, theres plenty of global countries targeting NZ too now. What I believe is that most businesses still do not operate properly or at all in the digital world, it just basically freaks them out, they don’t understand it and in a lot of cases they don’t want to understand it because its completely foreign to them and they don’t understand how you can make money from a picture on a computer screen.

So we need to show them that there are still good quality companies out there that are here to properly support our clients. At SeoPro NZ our mantra is “We deliver outrageous value to our customers!” its probably the most simple thing to do, make sure you give your clients outstanding service, thats what its all about, service! I think a lot of digital companies similar to SeoPro forget that they are dealing with people, they don’t bother to build rapport with them anymore, and considering that most business in NZ is small to medium size, means the owners are still the ones on the ground working the business, doing the deals and meeting with any potential business associates, and you just wont be on their radar for very long if they cant even picture your face when they get an invoice.

Your service is the most valuable part of the transaction!

Its got to be the most valuable part to the transaction for the client and also the provider for that matter, because the service you give should be worth more than just a few bucks in your clients account over the next few months. It should be profitable for both of you for many years, also the value to your client knowing that you’re there to support them in what they’re doing and that they can trust that you have their best interests at heart.

The old saying “what goes around comes around” is very true, clients are not going to jump ship if they know that they are being looked after, and that is what we strive to do, every client is treated the same here, whether large or small, they will get the best advice from us, service that will strive to make their business better, a high quality product that delivers and ongoing support thats second to none, here we don’t forget the names of people we’re dealing with. After quite a few years in this competitive industry Im glad to say I still get a buzz out of seeing my clients sites landing on page 1, not so much for me but for knowing that Ive helped them attain a goal of theirs, thats a good feeling to have!