Why keywords and targeting groups of keywords is so important for website success

Why keywords and targeting groups of keywords is so important for website success

Targeting the right keywords and groups of keywords is a quintessential part of effective SEO. It’s as simpe as that. Identifying and using the right keywords and grouping them strategically gets you listed on the first page of google results, and keeps you there, driving high volumes of targeted traffic back to your website.

In a recent survey, participants listed keyword optimisation as one of the hardest tasks when it comes to effective SEO, and that’s because it takes a combination of meticulous research and intuitive identification of the right groups of keywords and changing keyword trends.

So, how do SEO specialists go about targeting groups of keywords?

Different keywords represent different levels of interest and intent; some search terms are used by people close to a conversion, while others are used by people still in the early stages of research. Smart content marketers will identify and focus keywords relevant to your niche, these include:

  • Brand Keywords: Keywords associated directly with your product or brand
  • Product Keywords: Keywords and associated with what your product does and what problems it solves.
  • Competitor Keywords: Keywords associated with your competitor products and services.
  • Substitute Product Keywords: Keywords associated with something someone might use instead of your product.
  • Complementary Product Keywords: Keywords associated with things that compliment or go hand-in-hand with your product.

The next step is to refine the list of keywords and group them into strategic terms and phrases that maximise your search engine relevance and put you at the top of targeted search results pages, giving you maximum exposure and a dominant online presence.

Effective keyword research is fundamental when it comes to successful SEO and online marketing, it requires skill, intuition and intensive keyword research. At SeoPro, our internet specialists have had years of experience on every available online platform using every available internet tool, and they know how write keyword-rich content for your website that will get you noticed by the search engines, keep you on the first page of search results and give you a dominant online presence.