Why Keyword Research Is So Vital?

Why Keyword Research Is So Vital?

  • Keyword research is the difference between your website ranking on page 1 of Google or page 37. Which would you prefer?
  • Keyword research is the difference between your advertising costs being 10 cents per click or $5.00 per click.
  • Keyword research is the difference between your site converting visitors into sales or just providing information.
  • Keyword research is the difference between receiving hundreds of visitors to your website per day, or only a few visitors per month. More traffic means more sales, which means more money and that means better business success.

Until you know what words and phrases your customers are using in their searches, and which are the most search engine relevant keywords for your particular niche, you are not going to get the kind of search engine impact you need to direct high volumes of quality and convertible traffic back to your website.

If the wrong set of keywords are selected and used, and your website site is optimized for keywords that do not directly relate to your business and services, the traffic your website attracts will be haphazard and unqualified.

Keyword research is done during the development stages of your website and involves intensive market research, brand research, competition research and search engine relevancy research to ensure that the list of keywords is targeted, relevant and gets you on the first page of the search results. It requires skill, intuitive action and the ability to identify and adapt with internet changes as they happen.

At SeoPro NZ, our SEO experts have had years of experience using the internet and internet tools, and they follow a strict set of guidelines when doing keyword research and compiling lists, to ensure that they identify the keyword phrases most likely to increase your search engine ranking and help your potential customers find you online.

Call the experts at SeoPro NZ to get your website dominating search result pages with optimised content that is rich with keyword relevancy!