SOHO Systems

SOHO Systems is an IT Services company based in Auckland, they have many years experience in the industry and service a diverse range of clients stretching across the whole of New Zealand.


They came to us after being let down by the prior company who did not fulfil what they had promised. We immediately saw the potential for them online and brainstormed a strategy that we believed could get them to where they wanted.


It was a very basic brief we got, “We want to be at the top of page one”


To gain high rankings locally and across the country quickly.


To acquire high quality leads into the website consistently and to have the website work for them helping to convert the leads into paying customers.


Scrap the old site and re-build a new site that is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for, is highly relevant with well written content in it that is engaging and keeps users interested. Create good CTA’s to tell users what to do next and guide them to a conversion phone call. Run a full SEO campaign that is highly targeted to achieve rank positions and quality buying traffic.


Create content such as posts, videos, infographics, press releases and more that will be distributed throughout the web via social media and other platforms, make sure all technical SEO for the site is done 100% correctly to earn back trust from Google.


We’ve achieved a solid Click Through Rate (CTR) of 2.58% which drives a good number of high quality leads into the business to be converted into paying customers.


SOHO currently rank in high positions across the internet on some very competitive keywords which normally range between $12 and $25 per click on Google adwords, their current spend per click is averaging $3.78, averagely 75% less spend on online advertising.

Average 65% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

44% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

68% vs 32% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

53% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“SEOPro NZ have been managing our website for over a year now.


The results we received was increased web traffic to our site, increased phone calls which resulted in sales and a generally more professional look to our site. We have also started SEOPro’s social media campaign which has resulted in 7x more peak traffic.


I would recommend SeoPro NZ to any business owner that wants to increase sales via an Internet marketing strategy.”


Darren Clayworth
SOHO Systems Ltd

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