JACK is a trades services company based in Auckland. They first came to us to help increase leads from their website which was under-performing. After analysis a strategy was developed to create a new site that was much more user friendly to navigate and target online what they were actually about. Straight away results were achieved and now the website generates consistently over 30% of JACK’s work each year.


To get leads into the business from the website and get a high percentage of those leads to convert into paying customers at the least expense possible.


The JACK business also has four divisions within the it and each division needed to be branded separately and generate their own results online, away from the main website.


Create highly relevant websites with high quality content for each individual division of JACK that target the services they provide, and then strategically link them properly so they all pass on relevancy scores between each site.


Encompass that with an SEO campaign that consists of quality on-page SEO, creating and distributing content through the blog and a high quality link building campaign.


We increased traffic into the main website straight away resulting in an increase in leads by around 30%. This continues to grow consistently as the sites become more relevant in the search engines through the use of high quality blog posts.


JACK websites are now seen in many keywords in their industry and have cemented themselves into the top searches on page 1 for most which results in a high conversion rate of enquiry into paying customers.

Average 42% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

41% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

63% vs 37% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

38% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“Thanks for the work on our website/s over the last couple of years. As you are aware we have always measured where our new clients have come from and for the last 10 years the bulk of new clients have been recommended to us.


The number that found us from a google search increased dramatically shortly after you redesigned our sites but the numbers kept growing each month since… to the point that the leads from the web were starting to match those from recommendations.”


Thanks again Dave


Steve Hopkins

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