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Schupepe Tents is a marquee hire company that supplies their products to clients throughout New Zealand. The brief Pat gave to us was to regain lost rank positions that were a result of blackhat techniques performed by an seo company he was using before he came to SEOPro NZ.


Pat had previously hired an SEO company that used blackhat techniques to provide links into the site, this was to try and fool the search engines.


The consequence was the search engines blacklisted his website and URL. We had to first un-do all the bad and incorrect techniques done on the site, then start a process of regaining trust from Google and other search engines to gain back rank positions lost.


Re-design and develop a new modern looking website that is mobile responsive and has a better page hierarchy for end users. Start a process of disavowing over 10,000 links into the site, recreate new meta data and perform on-page seo. Start a content marketing campaign in the form of blogs, create highly relevant posts that get distributed throughout Schupepe’s social platforms and the wider web.


At the same time run a technical SEO campaign creating a highly relevant and trustworthy platform both to consumers and the search engines.


We have fixed all negative impacting techniques performed by the guys before us and implemented high quality campaigns to gain trust scores back from the search engines. This has resulted in high quality traffic from highly relevant and targeted keywords gaining a solid CTR (3.89%) and lowering Pats costs.


The site has achieved very high rank positions and has cemented itself in the top spots throughout the web. Currently its ranking on over 364 Page 1 keyword results, awesome!

Average 80% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

60% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

63% vs 27% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

64% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“I’ve worked with Dave for a few year’s now and he has worked hard in getting our website to where it is now.


He certainly knows his stuff and we’ve seen much improvement with the seo work he has done. I especially like the personal element he offers, I deal with Dave for all my website or online requirements so I’m only dealing with one person.


I would certainly recommend SEOPro NZ if you are looking for services they offer.”


Patrick Schuster
Schupepe Tents Ltd

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