Easy Blinds

Easy Blinds is a blinds and curtain retail business that targets home owners as well as trades people to get bulk lots ordered for new buildings and sub-divisions. Don came to us to for help with his online marketing for his website as this is where he gets the majority of his leads from.


He needed a complete strategy that would convert a high percentage of the enquiries into sales.


Increase conversion rates from Easy Blinds paid advertising campaigns running on Google Adwords. Obtain high ranking positions in the organic search for the industry keywords.


Increase sales across the range of products with an emphasis on certain products. To target different user groups that will lead to bulk orders and ongoing supply of large quantities of blinds, and to boost brand awareness for his company across the internet.


Work on lowering his ad campaign cost while increasing relevancy scores of his adverts to get higher click through rates (CTR). Do this by optimising the adverts running and target the adverts to specific pages within the website. It was quickly determined that the website was not a very high converting site, so a new site was developed that was much easier for end users to navigate and purchase from.


Boost the number of products in the site to cover the whole range, create good CTA’s on image rich banners, get high quality images into the site to show consumers what they can expect to get, have product enquiry forms on each product & category page, implement on-page SEO and create & embed how to videos into the site.


The results were dramatic right from the start, we achieved a much higher CTR from the ad campaigns running and are converting at least 30% more clicks into quotes. The minimum number of quotes Don wanted each month is easily achieved within the first few weeks of the month and we see on average between 20% and 30% increases each and every month on the last one before.


The site has achieved much higher organic rank results and is continuing to climb; leading to a much higher impression rate on many more keywords than it previously was.

Average 47% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

35% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

80% vs 20% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

39% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“SEOPro completely revamped our website and online marketing strategy which was failing to produce the results we needed for our business.


They were able to cut costs for us while increasing leads into our site, I highly recommend their services, they have definitely done what they said they would do.”


Don Watkins
Easy Blinds

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