Global Pacific Capital

Global Pacific Capital Ltd finances property investments for residential and commercial clients. They came to SEOPro for help with their website as it was not portraying their business in a professional style. They also wanted to acquire rank positions for their targeted keywords and start generating leads from their site.


Global Pacific’s old website was a very old website and was not built with any thought going into ranking positions and SEO. The site was very basic and had very little content in it, with mainly just links pointing out to various news items etc. It did not show end users what the business was capable of or where their main business focus was.


We were tasked with changing that while giving the online presence a more stylish and industry relevant look and feel. Also they wanted to start marketing their site and go for better rank positions in the search engines, so we needed to set the site up in a way that gained maximum relevancy.


We would first create a design for the site that met their requirements, while adding in quality and well positioned CTA’s to help guide the end users through a process which helped them end up enquiring to Global Pacific for more information or to become a client. We set up pages to target specific keywords and created high quality content for them.


Then we started on a content and link outreach campaign to obtain high quality links into the site, this would help boost their rank positions over the long term. We would keep working on a natural build up of blog posts and in-bound links to cement their website into top rankings and make it hard for competitors to get in front of them.


The site produces very good results for the business. It has become a very good conversion tool for them and has much more quality traffic flowing to it than their last site did.


The enquiries from this site are much greater than the last and are also from better qualified leads making it easier for the business to turn them into paying clients.

Average 49% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

53% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

59% vs 41% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

59% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“We employed David at SEOPro to redesign our website. He came up with a number of innovative design options, listened to our feedback and has produced a website which is receiving very positive comments.”


Richard Shores
Global Pacific Capital Ltd

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