Conqueror NZ

Conqueror NZ is a manufacturer of insulation boards for the commercial market. They came to SEOPro NZ for help with getting their old website revamped into something that suited their type of business. They wanted the site to have an industrial feel to it and to easily showcase their products.


Conqueror had an existing website but it was in terrible shape, had very old data within it and was in dire need of updates. They had also purchased two other businesses who had existing sites as well. They wanted to combine all three while maintaining all relevancy scores and rank positions that all of them had acquired while online.


Their brief was simple;


  • To have a clean, simple website that is easy to use, both for people landing on it and the admin in their business to use and update.
  • To have a site that ranks well in search results


Design and develop a new modern looking website that suits their business and has an industrial feel while being very user friendly with a simple page hierarchy to easily find products within two clicks at the most. We created good quality content for certain landing pages and completed on-page SEO to help Google index the site properly into the keywords we were targeting.


We would make it very easy for end users to find the correct contact details to easily call or email Conqueror for an enquiry, and then add in Google tracking to identify how users are navigating through the site. We then loaded the site into the SEOPro Ranking System to boost its position naturally while doing off-page SEO at certain points throughout the campaign.


The results have been excellent. End users frequently comment on the website being very easy to use plus has a great look and fell to it, portraying the business in a very positive light. The site is indexed well on good quality target keywords and the rank positions are increasing consistently.


The website has more than paid for itself many times over with the extra enquiry it has bought into the business. The owners are very pleased with the outcome and to finally have a site that they are happy with and that works well.

Average 64% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

57% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

67% vs 33% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

79% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“Thanks Dave for everything you’ve done to help with our online marketing, your knowledge and know how is far above anyone else we have used in the past, we’ll happily continue to use your services in the future and will suggest to anyone that asks us to get in touch with you.”


Brian Hill
Conqueror NZ

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