The Gib Stopper

The Gib Stopper is a subsidiary of PBF, the main holding company. This site was used as part of their overall strategy to dominate search phrases and keywords in their industry. This is one of four sites that are highly targeted on keyword rich domains that produce results with very little marketing effort.


The overall challenge was for this company was to un-do some black hat SEO that had been done on their main site previously.


They hadn’t been taken out of the Google index but it was obvious that Google was penalising them for quite a few different things on their old site including keyword stuffing and various other things that are not search engine friendly. Once we identified key areas of concern we came up with a strategy of multiple sites targeting various keywords and locations.


The solution was to create a completely new online footprint for the company that was done correctly in the search engines eyes. We used a multiple website strategy as the company had locations throughout Auckland city and only wanted to concentrate on those locations.


We purchased keyword rich domains and created websites around them with good quality content targeting locations and various other backend techniques to tell the search engines where we mainly wanted to be shown.


The site has produced a very high return on investment. The initial cost of building the site has been paid off many times over, there has been little marketing done on the site for organic positions but because it was built properly and targeted right from the start it has gained good rank positions and continues to show in high quality keyword searches.


Some paid advertising has been done with this website and that produced a high conversion rate making that a very economical form of advertising for this site.

Average 55% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

55% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

70% vs 30% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

75% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“SEOPro have been involved in three websites for our businesses. David has been great to work with and clearly understands his craft.


The SEO works well and we we get fantastic quality leads. Websites provide us with consistently profitable leads and give us a significant competitive advantage.


I would be happy to speak with anyone to discuss the work David has done for us.


Grant Millington

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