PBF Ltd is a gib stopping, painting and house wash company based on the North Shore of Auckland. SEOPro was tasked with redesigning their old website while keeping and inceasing their rank positions. Also to work out a good online strategy that involved SEO and paid advertising.


The challenge was to first design and create a new website that took over from the old one while not losing any rank positions. Also to clean up a lot of negative scoring SEO that had previously been done on the site.


We were also tasked with gaining higher rank positions organically and have the site highly convert-able for any new users landing on it, both through free and paid marketing.


We created the new site highlighting the services, using clean url’s with redirects from the old ones to keep scores, and to create better quality and more targeted content for the site to help give higher relevancy scores from Google.


We placed CTA’s and contact details strategically throughout the site for easy contact by anyone landing on the site. We added high quality blog posts and video into the site for ongoing SEO and created a paid advertising campaign to target specific landing pages.


The results have been excellent, we created a strategy using four websites after building this one, covering the different services, each site gains relevancy scores from each other and pushes quality traffic through each of them as well.


The paid and organic results still produce a high ROI, acquiring approximately 60% of the clients business for them.

Average 75% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

47% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

81% vs 19% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

74% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client

“SEOPro have been involved in three websites for our businesses. David has been great to work with and clearly understands his craft. The SEO works well and we we get fantastic quality leads.


Websites provide us with consistently profitable leads and give us a significant competitive advantage.


I would be happy to speak with anyone to discuss the work David has done for us.”


Arjen Bloem

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