Debbie Delgado

Debbie Delgado is a make-up consultant/trainer based on the North Shore of Auckland.


She runs make-up courses and sell make-up products online both from her website and her facebook shop.


Debbie did not have an existing website so her online footprint was very low. She used facebook but that was more for personal use not for her business. When she came to us her specific request was to create an easy to use website for her clients to purchase products from.


She wanted to be found on good quality keywords within her industry but did not want to be caught having to spend lots of money all the time on SEO to keep her rank positions. She also wanted to keep her marketing budget low.


We created a site for her that fully met her design expectations, while making the site as highly convert-able as well showing contact details throughout the site, a good and easy to follow product hierarchy, through to an easy purchase payment gateway. We also showed high quality images from her work in her galleries as testimonials.


The site was also set-up in a “Google Friendly” way to make sure it would be indexed properly in her target keywords and she would naturally acquire good rank positions just by maintaining and using the site properly.


The site has been producing results for many years now with very little marketing done on it. This is because it was set-up properly right from the start, targeting keywords that would be most beneficial to Debbies business.


Up to now the return on investment has been substantial and the online business Debbie has created is doing very well indeed.

Average 77% Traffic Increase Every Year0%

74% Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

57% vs 43% - Number Of New Vs. Repeat Site Visits

82% Higher Targeted Contact Volume (TCV)

From The Client


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