How to Get More Customers With Local SEO

How to Get More Customers With Local SEO

In case you are reading this article, chances are that you own a small business in the Auckland area and are looking to boost your local search ranking and get more customers. Searching for affordable SEO services in Auckland shows that all is not well with your business. You want the phone ringing but that’s not happening.

That’s really sad. But why is this happening?

It’s largely because your business is not visible in local search results. However, you need to understand that getting customers is becoming tougher with every passing day since your competitors are also vying for the same spot. So, the battle is really hot. According to a study by World Internet Project data, 92% New Zealanders use Google to search for services and 85% of people compare prices online. That means you have no chance if your business is not found on the first page of the local SERPs.

You can start working on your local SEO by following these 4 tips:

# 1 Focus on Local Link Building

Links are the strongest component of search engine algorithms. Having strong local links sends positive signals to Google. It shows how relevant your website is in your local community. However, you don’t need to spend a lot for media mentions and PR. You can look for opportunities in the form of co-promotion or sponsorship to connect with other businesses.

# 2 Build and Maintain proper Local Business Listings

Business listings and citations can help you in building the online presence of your business. So, business listing management must be a part of your local SEO strategy. With thousands of directories and networks, you can’t just do it on your own. Look for an affordable SEO service provider in Auckland. They can help you get your job done effectively.

#3 Adjust your Strategy with Voice Search

The proportion of voice searches in the overall search is constantly increasing and you need to factor this in your local SEO strategy. Focusing on more long-tail search keywords and natural language queries will help you get better results. Adding some Q & A type content in your website will also be a good idea.

# 4 Optimise your website for ‘Near Me’ Searches

According to Google Trends data, “near me” searches have been constantly rising over the past five years. Therefore, optimising a website for “near me” searches has become critical. You must incorporate this into your local SEO strategy.

Summing up…

The world of local SEO has undergone a massive change in the last couple of years and it will continue to change in the future as well. So, it’s important to stay updated and diversify one’s local SEO strategies. The above tips may look simple but they will definitely be helpful.