Content Strategy To 10X Your Lead Generation In 2022: The Complete Guide

Content Strategy To 10X Your Lead Generation In 2022: The Complete Guide

Like all businesses, we’re all preparing to have a bigger 2022.

As far as the past 2 years are concerned, in all fairness, a LOT has been out of our control.

But in all fairness… a LOT is within our control.
So let’s play our cards in 2022 to the best of our abilities.

As the SEO experts at SEOPro NZ, our job remains:

• Ranking you higher and higher on Google search
• Growing your website traffic with the right leads
• Getting you more & more leads

To plan for your solid 2022, I wanted you to fully understand and embrace 2 ideas:

• That SEO is necessary to rank high on Google
• No matter what your business focus, you are in a VERY competitive space.

That’s what will make it rain leads.

Gage Your Competition

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Search for the main keyword for your business.

And see how many people searched for it in the past days.

Here I have done one as an example for you. For ‘Home repair’ focussed on Australia.

You see that this keyword was searched about 720 times.

And do you know how many Google searches are competing for this keyword?

Not 1 million.

Not 50 million.

Over 2 billion.

That is the competition level for a home repair business in Australia.

Try this for your keyword to gage your competition level.

Now What?

Last time we talked about how competitive the market is for you to stand out, and appear on Google’s Page 1 for your keywords.

So how can you stand out?

Here’s a statistic of the most important SEO strategies that work:

Content Is King

Relevant content creation remains the best thing you can do for your business so far. It might sound old – content has been around since forever. But old is gold, someone rightly said.

Now what does content mean?

Writing a blog?

• There are more than 1 billion blogs in the world.
• Over 1.7 billion websites
• Roughy 7.5 million articles get published everyday
• 2.7 billion articles get published every year

Making a video? Starting a podcast?

• There are over 48 million podcast episodes out there.
• 720,000 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every day

So in short, I’m telling you… Content is no easy feat!

Yet it remains one of your strongest SEO strategies in 2022.

I know this can sound frustrating. Can’t anything in business be easy?!

I know. I’m with you.

So What Should You Do?

So how do you win at content in a market that is brutally overcrowded?

Sometimes the answers to the most complicated questions…?
Are the simplest.

Simple really is genius.

And the answer to a killer content strategy for 2022 is….

Creating extraordinary content.

I know that sounds like no answer but that IS the answer.

It all funnels down to your content. After all that is how your people will find you.

Blogging is easily one of your rockstar organic traffic drivers.

Every time you write a blog post, aim to create content that is worthy of page 1 of Google.

Every conversation comes back to the quality and quantity of your content. (Quality, always being higher than quantity in importance.)

And here is some method to this madness.

Step 1: Customer Journey

Every buyer will first discover you, then pay attention to you, listen to you, like you, trust you and then buy from you.

This is called customer journey.

What do they need to hear from you to move from one stage to the next?

• They need to see your expertise
• They want to see what kind of a person you are
• They want to see how you’ve helped others
• They want to see what approach you take to solving their problems

But here’s the caveat –

Don’t assume what their problems, doubts and questions are.

Find out the exact questions your targets are searching for help with. How? Through step 2.


Note here who your target audience is. Their age, location, language, income, lifestyle, favourite musicians, the kinds of media they consume, the problem they specifically need to solve.




Step 2: Keywords

Go to Quora.
Type in the broad keywords for your service.
And see what kind of questions people have asked.


There’s your exact questions you can provide answers to (via your blogs, social media and also by directly responding on Quora). No need to work on assumptions – that’s a waste of your time.

Quora even suggests to you more of the variety of questions users are searching for your industry or service category.

Then, check out Ahrefs and Moz.

These help you with specific keywords people are typing for your service and industry.

Now take these keywords and search them as hashtags on social media to see what kind of content others are creating around these and what discussions are happening.


What key questions and keywords do you see to be the most important ones?




What to do with all your research now?

Step 3: Create Great Content

You now have the topics that are hot in your niche and the important keywords.

Now use them to create content.

This will help you create good, high-quality content that will immediately take on the latest discussions, instead of starting with basic content for which there are already thousands and thousands of content pieces.

Start with long-form content like blog posts, guides, videos, downloadables, checklists etc.

Create content with the aim of helping.

But remember to create content that is linked to the products and services you’re selling. You want people to convert. You want to take their attention and eventually turn it into dollars in the bank account.

It is very easy to get distracted on social media when you see too much happening in your niche, too many competitors, too many discussions etc. Stay focussed.

Within your content (Step 3), there are some essential elements for you to take care of:

Long-tail keywords: Google’s algorithm keeps changing. And improving.

Google now values the intent. The intent of the buyer when they search for something and when they visit your page. And your website must align with their intent.

You need to understand the intent of why someone is on your website. What are they looking for?

And the only way to do this successfully is to stay true to the quality of your content. Do not produce content just because others are doing it and it’s in trend. Do not stuff your videos or pages or blogs with keywords that are not relevant. It actually harms you.

Ubersuggest is a great site that gives you insights into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

Headlines: The headline of your blog is not a summary of it. That worked in high school.

Now in an attention-deficient market, your headline is the first thing people look at and decide whether they want to click and read.

It’s a lure…to come and get more. So make headlines that grab attention and create irresistible curiosity to click.

I know that’s hard to do when you’re not A New York Times journalist or a Buzzfeed editor.

Save your time and use these 3 resources for great title ideas –

• And B2C magazines. Yes, open google images look at the covers of Men’s Health, Women’s Health and all these kinds of magazines. Look how they hook you within 4-6 words!

Images in blog posts: We are living in an ADHD-ridden world and images do help keep people’s focus on the content. Long, clunky text that reads like a PhD thesis is not inviting. It is boring and a turn-off for most people.

So use images in your blog posts.

You can find copyright free images on:

• Google Images

Remember to add Alt+text to all your images to make them Google searchable. This will give more weight to your content and make it more search-engine friendly.

Also, feel free to use GIFs – they can be funny and bringing a smile to your audience’s face is always welcome.

Skyscraper Technique: Use BuzzSumo to sprint to the top of rankings with classy content. BuzzSumo will help you.

So this is how you write a skyscraper blog piece:

• Run a keyword search on BuzzSumo
• Find the best content pieces on it.
• Write your own new piece of content that is phenomenally better than these top pieces of content. Yes this will take more time and research on your part. But it’s better to put out 2 skyscraper blog articles a month than 20 average ones.

Try It

Give it a try. Content takes time and effort. But it pays.

Ask me your biggest SEO questions using our contact form.