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We are here to help you succeed

We use good old fashioned hard work + modern science to bridge the gap between your website and the search engines, scientifically automating hundreds of tasks to boost your rankings and get you ranked #1 so that you gain quality traffic and paying customers.

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Google Search
Google API
Google Analytics
Google LightHouse
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Google Trends

Yahoo Search
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Icaan whois

Google Volatility

Click the chart and go directly to the SEMrush Sensor page where you will see the updated volatility index of Googles algorthm.


Once on this page you can fine tune this data to match more specific criteria. The default country is set to USA because Google.com acts as a worldwide benchmark.


Category breakdowns are available.

Time Saved

How much is your time worth to you? If you tried to do all this work yourself it would take you hours each day and you would have to subscribe to at least 8 different services to cover everything we already do for you.


Time Saved
774 Hours


On Schedule

Ranking Progress

Using Google, we measured where you were when you signed up with us (for your keywords across all of your pages) and compared it to where you are today.


You'll climb higher in the rankings most months, for most keywords, until you are number one or at least on the first page.


Spots Up

You vs Competitors (Last 30 days)

Your website competes against other websites for the same traffic. Google uses 200+ ranking signals to grade your website against your competitors and this determines your search engine rankings. Our team is currently boosting your grade using the latest search engine optimisation outlines provided by Google to make sure you eventually outrank your competitors.




On-Page SEO Score

Organic Monthly Traffic

Organic Keywords







Link Building / Backlinks

How this works: 1) We attempt to create backlinks for you each month. 2) It then takes several months for each webmaster or website to look at your website and decline or approve you. 3) Once you are approved your backlink goes live. 4) Then it takes several more months for Google and other search engines to pick up the link. For example we can successfully create a backlink for you today, but Google won't pick it up for 1/6/12 months and nobody has control over this. It is a very long process but it results in stronger rankings and traffic for you eventually.

Domain Authority

Strong Backlinks

Referring Domains





157 nofollow
.gov & .edu: 0


Sites that share the same visitors with your site. These can be your potential partners OR competitors so keep an eye on them.

1 2 3 4 5












There's still a lot of work to be done. To calculate overall progress we take into consideration how many competitors you have, your SEO score across all of your pages, your keyword rankings, backlinks and how many more backlinks we can build for you, and the overall traffic trend of your website. Once this progress bar hits 100% we have completed all of our work for you and have moved onto a maintenance stage.

30% - On Schedule!

Website Authority

The more website authority you have, the better. We will work hard to raise this number every month until you reach 100. This metric indicates how much power and influence you have in Google. Authority is calculated on a scale based on several factors including your keyword ranking trend, trust scores, audit scores and backlinks.

100 Out of 100

Website Visibility

This score is determined by how often your website and content appears in search engine results. It means that when your potential customer searches your keywords, you show up in search, maps, images, videos, etc.

76 Out of 100

Website Reputation

Your website reputation score is updated weekly and based on several dozen factors including how many times you show up in Google search results for a given phrase and your resulting click through rate for that phrase.

30 Out of 100

Ranking Trend

Your website is loaded with words and phrases (these are called keywords) and we keep track of all of them automatically and where they are going (up / down / sideways). Every website in the world has some keywords moving up, others moving down, and others staying the same.

Trend Up

Trend Down

Trend Sideways

Search Console and Analytics Data

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